Brief History


         The idea to open a Japanese Educational Trust in Chennai started in June 1975 by the Japanese Association in Chennai and was first called The Japanese Class of Madras. The aim was to help the Japanese children transfer back smoothly into their schools back in Japan when they left India.

              In 1980, the Ministry of Education, now the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology, approved it as a part-time supplementary school and dispatched their first licensed teacher from Japan to Madras.   

              In 1998, due to the renaming of the city to Chennai, the school was renamed the Japanese Language School of Chennai.

              In July 2003, the school moved into the American International School of Chennai located in the Taramani district of Chennai.

In 2005, in order to register in the Trust Act the school was renamed the Japanese Educational Trust of Chennai.


Our Aim


              With the rapid growth of Chennai city, and the even bigger number of companies dispatching personnel from Japan with their families, the Japanese Educational Trust of Chennai strives to give the students from 1st grade to 9th grade the education that they would not be able to achieve within the local schools.


    The supplies which we use to teach are approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology of Japan and we keep working with our students to help them build an understanding of the global world as well as to promote international goodwill which we believe will enable them to empathize with our neighboring countries and their situations. 

A Message from the Principal





“Never diminish that sparkle in your eye as you learn to study independently in this school”



              Living in a global society where it isn’t rare to come across different people from different cultures, we hope to teach the children to be capable of interacting with people on an international level and at the same time maintain their identities as citizens of Japan.


The studies that they do here are the same as the schools in Japan. Utilizing these tools, we try to nurture their ability to make better judgments as well as encourage them how to express themselves clearly.



              The three points that, I believe, they should remember and are important in nurturing a child’s wings that they would use to eventually fly all over the world are


     1.Always go back to the basics. 

     2.Living in an international society, learn to have a heart as wi

      de as the world.

     3.Always maintain a strong and healthy heart, body and mind


    These three things, I believe, can only be achieved if the school, the families, and the Japanese association along with the many people that affect the children’s lives work as one entity. This way, the children learn and develop a positive attitude towards understanding and helping the communities they are involved in. 

The Curriculum


              We teach elementary to middle school level Japanese language, Math, Science, and Social Studies. The other special classes include Music, P.E and Arts which are held on specific days within the school year.


Timings:  Monday to Friday


1st Period                         15:45~16:30

Break                                16:30~16:40

2nd Period                        16:40~17:25

Homeroom                      17:25~17:35



              In order to enter the Japanese Educational Trust of Chennai the family has to be a member of the Japanese Association in Chennai.



              Entrance Fees

              Elementary Rs. 12500   Middle School Rs. 12500


              Yearly Fees (Based on per month)

              Elementary Rs. 12500   Middle School Rs. 12500